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Jak TO GO!

Do you have the weekend travel bug like I do?  Maybe a quick trip to Vegas or a romantic weekend getaway to Mexico?  I love to travel. And sometimes even though it’s a short trip I tend to over pack, and you know what that means. An overweight bag = an added travel expense. Can we all agree, airport fees are ridiculous!

Well, I have the perfect travel accessory to help keep costs down. The Jaktogo! It’s luggage and a jacket that will store all your travel essentials. Who doesn’t love a two-fer? Jaktogo transforms from a bag to a jacket in just a few simple steps and is the perfect travel solution to your packing needs.

To avoid carrying any luggage or checking it in at all, you can use Jaktogo to store a few quick weekend outfits. And you can go even hands free by wearing it as a jacket to store all the loose ends you find yourself carrying when traveling.

The Jaktogo comes in different styles and sizes for both men and woman AND is available in vinyl, a cool denim print or leather. Prices for the Jaktogo range from $93-$320. It won’t be long before you see these in an airport near you.  Wearable luggage, what will they think of next?

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