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Chanel Curls

Chanel Curls Two things I love: anything limited edition and Chanel. And my eyelash curler is both! Joining the Chanel makeup collection is the Recourbe Cils de Chanel precision eyelash curler. It’s back. By popular demand. But only for a limited time (again) and, trust me, you don't want to miss... read more

Louboutin. Nails.

Louboutin. Nails. In 1992 Christian Louboutin created the Pensee Pump. The shoe was inspired by Warhol and the Pop Art Movement, bright and bold. Although close to his original sketch, he was disappointed with a prototype, it was missing something. Nearby his assistant was painting her nails and in... read more

Torn up.

Torn up. Feeling distressed?  Not in the nervous kind of way, but in the fashion kind of way.  This summer you’ll be adding distressed jeans to your wardrobe.  Celebrities like the Kardashian’s, Beyonce, Julianne Hough, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been rockin distressed bottoms more than ever before. ... read more

Wipe Off, Wipe On

Wipe Off, Wipe On It’s easy to glow with a simple swipe, courtesy of Kate Sommerville. We got the scoop directly from Kelly Ripa who’s a huge fan of the Somerville 360 Body Self Tanning Towelettes. The towelettes help us you stay safe by giving you a sun kissed look without having... read more

Comic Con

Comic Con The time has come my fellow Comic peeps, Comic Con is taking over San Diego next week so it’s time to get that super hero fashion on to save the world or just, you know, to have some fun too.  All the celebs are going to be... read more

Tick Tock

Tick Tock These days, watches do so much more than tell time. They are fashion accessories, conversation starters, and they can make - or break - your outfit. I have a few bracelet-stye vintage pieces that my grandmother has given me (see: conversation starters), but what I really love... read more

Make Waves

Make Waves One of the best things about summer is beach waves. But if you are like me and your hair is stick straight - I'm not talking just-blown-out-gorgeous, but so straight it hangs limp and useless - than even the strongest beach wave making sprays and gels won't... read more


Gladiators When you watch a movie like 300 or Gladiator, or a TV show like Games of Thrones, if you’re anything like us, you’re checking out the sandals women (and men) are wearing as true authentic Gladiator footwear inspiration, right? Gladiators are a Celeb Faves closet staple and... read more