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Torn up.
Fave of the Day
Torn up.
Feeling distressed?  Not in the nervous kind of way, but in the fashion kind of way.  This summer you’ll be adding distressed jeans to your wardrobe. ...read more
Wipe Off, Wipe On
Latest Buzz
Wipe Off, Wipe On
It’s easy to glow with a simple swipe, courtesy of Kate Sommerville. We got the scoop directly from Kelly Ripa who’s a huge fan of the...read more
Comic Con
Comic Con The time has come my fellow Comic peeps, Comic Con is taking over San Diego next week so it’s time to get that super hero fashion on to save the world or just, you know, to have some fun too.  All the c...read more
Tick Tock
Tick Tock These days, watches do so much more than tell time. They are fashion accessories, conversation starters, and they can make - or break - your outfit. I have a few bracelet-stye vintage pieces that my grandm...read more
Make Waves
Make Waves One of the best things about summer is beach waves. But if you are like me and your hair is stick straight - I'm not talking just-blown-out-gorgeous, but so straight it hangs limp and useless - than even t...read more
Gladiators When you watch a movie like 300 or Gladiator, or a TV show like Games of Thrones, if you’re anything like us, you’re checking out the sandals women (and men) are wearing as true authentic Gladiator foo...read more
Hammer Time
Hammer Time Hammer Time? Does anyone remember those things called Hammer Pants? The loose fitting trouser pant inspired by harem pants? You know the 80’s and 90’s icon MC Hammer made them famous in his music vide...read more
RiRi Woo (WOO)! Giveaway!
RiRi Woo (WOO)! Giveaway!
Hey ladies, we’ve got something that will make you pucker up! A RiRi Woo MAC lipstick giveaway! We all know Rihanna is one of the world’s most...read more
Extra Extra Deals
Steals & Deals
Extra Extra Deals
Summer is here, but not for long. Stock up on your Summer time faves, but with Fall just around the corner, stock up on you Fall...read more